graphic communication

Let’s be creative

Let us communicate, transmit, adapt, exchange, grow, spread, order, progress. Graphic communication has the power to achieve this and more.

Over the past 20 years Dooz, graphic communicator María Orozco’s brand, has worked closely with clients to understand them and successfully communicate their brands, services, and projects.

Graphic communication

In the important goal of visual communication to convey the right messages and information, in Dooz we work to provide all the necessary elements to achieve this goal.

In our long experience we have developed, side by side with our clients, corporate image design, editorial design, visuals for advertising campaigns, professional photography, illustration, infographics, mailing design, forms, editorial design, reports and a long list of others that have allowed us to successfully achieve what we are passionate about: communicating.

Web production

Transforming the client’s concept and needs into a website can be challenging. At Dooz we understand the project and its specific needs, then we design a fitting architecture that matches a coherent design with the client’s corporate identity, but effective in terms of communication and with a suitable user experience.

We provide all the technical skills to develop the project (HTML, Javascript, CSS, PHP) and the expertise to carry out a meticulous final testing before its final launch.


Personal projects and commissions to let the imagination run wild, to put into practice the extensive training in various illustration and drawing techniques and to show the great love for the sea.

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